Inflamma VIII

Inflamma VIII

online Sírio-Libanês Ensino e Pesquisa - São Paulo - São Paulo - Brazil | Brasil
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The Brazilian Society of Inflammation (SBin) is delighted to announce the 8th International Symposium on Inflammatory Diseases – INFLAMMA VIII – Inflammation at the bedside. We have carefully curated this symposium to bring together the brightest minds and cutting-edge research focused on unraveling the complexities of inflammation and its implications in translational medicine.

Throughout the course of this symposium, we have assembled a remarkable lineup of keynote speakers, esteemed researchers, and clinicians who will share their expertise, insights, and the latest advancements in the realm of inflammation. The diverse range of topics to be covered, including molecular mechanisms, novel diagnostic approaches, and therapeutic strategies in Autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Chronic Inflammation, Infection, Metabolism, and Neuroimmune interaction will undoubtedly foster thought-provoking discussions and inspire groundbreaking ideas.

This symposium will provide a Poster and an early career session (SBIn-Young Scientists), where researchers and young investigators will have the chance to showcase their work and gain recognition among their peers.

As the organizing committee, we have spared no effort to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. JOIN US!

To download the final Program, click here.


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Pre-Congress Course

Instrumental immunogenomics for precision medicine

Immunogenomics involves the use of functional genomic technologies to study molecular changes in immune cells associated with diseases.

Advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS), such as transcriptome, epigenome, whole-genome, exome, T, and B-cell receptor sequencing, are helping to uncover potential molecular biomarkers for immunotherapeutics. BUT HOW TO EXPLORE IT?

Improve your project, validate your results in worldwide datasets, and learn how to add in silico analysis to make your research closer to the patient’s reality. To learn more, click here. 

Abstract Submission

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Confirmed Speakers



Organizing and Scientific Comittees


Niels Câmara (ICB/USP)

Mariane Amano (IEP/HSL)



Claudia Benjamim(ICBF/UFRJ)

Daniele Souza (ICB/ UFMG)

José Carlos Alves (FMRP/USP)
Luiz Fernando Reis (IEP/HSL)

Rosana Pagano (IEP HSL)
Sandra Fukada (FCFRP/USP)

Scientific Committee

Alessandra Pontillo (ICB/USP)

Bruna Lins (IEP/HSL)

Cibele Masotti (IEP/HSL)

Daniel de Oliveira Martins (IEP/HSL)

Danielle Varin de Assis (IEP/HSL)

Jefferson Antonio Leite (ICB/USP)

Ricardo Nucci (IEP/HSL)

Welbert de Oliveira Pereira (FICSAE/HIEA)

Useful Information

Accommodations near the event

Ibis SPPaulista  -  (1,4Km, 20 min by foot) - 12% discount (use Internet Explorer or follow the guide to access the discount)

Ibis BudgetPaulista -  (1,3km, 19 min by foot) 12% discount (use Internet Explorer or follow the guide to access the discount)

Edifício Saint Charbel (160m, 2 min by foot) 

Blue Tree Paulista (700m, 10min by foot)

Ibis Budget Frei Caneca (650m, 10min by foot)

Pergamon São Paulo Frei Caneca (1Km, 14min by foot)

Intercity Paulista (1,4Km, 18min by foot)

Dining options near the event location

Arábia Express Restaurant - Sírio-Libanês Hospital bloco C, piso 0 - learn more

Capim Santo Restaurant - Sírio-Libanês Hospital bloco D, piso 13 -  learn more

Dulca ConfectionarySírio-Libanês Hospital, bloco D, Piso 01 - learn more

Kopenhagen (Coffee Shop) - Sírio-Libanês Hospital, Bloco D, piso 0 - learn more

Frei Caneca Shopping Mall - R.Frei Caneca, 569 - Consolação - learn more

DNA Restaurant - R. Peixoto Gomide,295 - Cerqueira César - 

Café e Bistrô Paraná Restaurant - R.Barata Ribeiro, 230 - Bela Vista - learn more

Vanilla Caffè - R.Dona Adma Jafet, 74 - Bela Vista - learn more

Casella Pizzeria - R.Peixoto Gomide, 403 - Bela Vista - learn more

 KI Love Grill Restaurant - R.Peixoto Gomide,  700 - Bela Vista - learn more

 Luk Restaurant - R. Frei Caneca, 953 - Bela Vista - 

 Kome Japonês Restaurant - R.São Miguel, 24 -Bela vista - learn more

Parkings near the event venue

Paulista Life Park - R. Barata Ribeiro, 360 - learn more

Next Park Estacionamentos - Health Center Building - R. Barata Ribeiro, 490- learn more

Autopar - R.Barata Ribeiro, 460 - learn more

Multipark - Santa Mônica Residence Services - R. Barata Ribeiro, 448 - 

Garage Inn - Paulista Medical Center - R. Barata Ribeiro, 414 - 

Estapar Estacionamentos - Arte & Ciencia Building - R. Barata Ribeiro, 398 - 

Paulista Office Tower - R.Barata Ribeiro, 380

R. Barata Ribeiro, 126 (uncovered)

Center Park Estacionamentos - Saint Charbel building - R. Barata Ribeiro, 205 

Plenty Park - Doctor s Center Building - R. Barata Ribeiro, 190 - learn more

Prime Parking - Bela Vista medical Building - R. Barata RIbeiro, 176 - learn more

Center Plan Estacionamentos - Central Studium Building - R.Barata Ribeiro, 156 - learn more

NetPark - Medical Center- R.Dona Adma Jafet, 50 - learn more

Massis Estacionamentos - Centro Médico das Aroeiras - R.Dona Adma Jafet, 74 - learn more

Indigo - Sírio Libanês Hospital - Dona Adma Jafet, 115 - learn more

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