CINE WEBINAR: "Multimodal Microscopy to Unveil Performance Losses in Next-Generation Optoelectronic Devices"

CINE WEBINAR: "Multimodal Microscopy to Unveil Performance Losses in Next-Generation Optoelectronic Devices"

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Multimodal microscopy measurements provide a powerful toolset to understand power losses in optoelectronic devices including solar cells and LEDs. Here, I will outline a series of correlative and operando multimodal microscopy methodologies to unveil nanoscale insights in state-of-the-art soft optoelectronic semiconductors. These techniques will be demonstrated on alloyed perovskite solar cells, unveiling fascinating information about the impact of defects on both performance and stability on the nanoscale. I will summarise the global understanding of carrier recombination and degradation mechanisms that these techniques enable, and outline strategies to further improve device performance and stability. The opportunities and challenges of the techniques for these and other materials families will be discussed.


Prof. Dr. Sam Stranks 

University of Cambridge

Dr Sam Stranks is an Assistant Professor in Energy at the University of Cambridge. He leads a research group focusing on emerging semiconductors for low-cost electronics applications including solar cells, lighting, and detectors. He obtained his DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 2012 and was a Marie Curie Fellow at MIT 2014-2016 before starting his group in Cambridge in 2017. Sam received the 2018 Henry Moseley Award and Medal from the Institute of Physics, the 2019 Marlow Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the 2021 IEEE Stuart Wenham Award and the 2021 Philip Leverhulme Prize in Physics. Sam is also a co-founder of Swift Solar, a startup developing lightweight perovskite PV panels, and the non-profit Sustain/Ed, developing climate-focused teaching modules for school children. He was listed by the MIT Technology Review as one of the 35 under 35 innovators in Europe.


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