AmericaLex-S Inaugural Conference

AmericaLex-S Inaugural Conference

presencial Universidade de São Paulo - São Paulo - São Paulo - Brasil

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About the event

The AmericaLex Inaugural Conference: “Contemporary Perspectives in Lexicography” will be held October 20-25, 2023 at the University of São Paulo (USP) in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The purpose of the event is to establish the Lexicography Association of South, Central, Mexico and Caribbean America - AmericaLex-S and create a network of integration between lexicographers, scholars, professors, students, editors and other interested professionals, in order to encourage the production and scientific and technological dissemination within the scope of Lexicography and related areas. AmericaLex-S's inaugural conference will be the first and important step that will pave the way for the generation and exchange of scientific knowledge through cooperation and partnerships in studies and research involving more than 560 languages in the region.

The creation of the Lexicography Association for the Americas, South, Central, Caribbean and Mexico and its Inaugural Conference is a joint initiative of academics and professionals from different universities and publishing houses and from other Lex Associations and from GlobaLex, the Lexicography Constellation that unites all they.

The AmericaLex-S initiative was launched in 2020 and assumed by a founding committee composed of 16 researchers, among these 10 professors and researchers from Brazilian universities who work in Graduate Programs in the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Santa Catarina and the Official establishment of the association will take place at the AmericaLex-S Inaugural Conference at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, October 20-25, 2023.

Conference Information - Brazilian Sign Language

General Information - Brazilian Sign Language


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Participation - Brazilian Sign Language

Event Venue

Organizing Committee

President Dr. Regiani Aparecida Santos Zacarias (UNESP, Brazil)

Vice President Dr. Adriane Orenha Ottaiano(UNESP, Brazil)

Secretary MA. Joyce Cristina Souza (UFSCar, Brazil)

Local Commission

President: Dr. Angela Zucchi (USP, Brazil)

Dr. Ieda Maria Alves

Dr. Mariangela Araújo

Dr. Stella Esther Ortweiler Tagnin General Committee Dr. Bruno Maroneze (UFGD, Brazil) Dr. Francisco Mondaca Ilan Kernerman (K.Dictionaries) MA. Joyce Cristina Souza (UFSC/PPG) Dr. Maria Cristina Parreira da Silva MA. Martin Tapia Kwiecien Dr. Renato Rodrigues Pereira Dr. Jason Siegel Dr. Tanara Kuhn Dr. Nelson Goettert MA. Jaqueline Boldo MA. Saulo Zulmar Vieira

Scientific Committee: Dr. Adriana Zavaglia (USP, Brazil)

Dr. Adriane Orenha Ottaiano (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Alvaro David Hwang (UEM, Brazil)

Dr. Amanda Laugesen (Australia National University, Australia)

Dr. Andreína Adelstein (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina)

Dr. Angela Zucchi (USP, Brazil)

Dr. Antonio Pamies-Bertrán (University of Granada, Spain)

Dr. Bruno Maroneze (UFGD, Brazil)

Dr. Celso Fernando Rocha (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Claudia Zavaglia (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Elisa Duarte Teixeira (UnB, Brazil)

Dr. Francisco Mondaca (University of Cologne, Germany)

Dr. Gabriel Ángel Quiroz Herrera (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia) -

Dr. Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (Ghent University, Belgium)

Dr. Guilherme Fromm (UFU, Brazil)

Dr. Ieda Maria Alves (USP, Brazil)

Ilan Kernerman (K.Dictionaries)

Dr. Irene Renau (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso-Viña del Mar, Chile)

MA. Jaqueline Boldo (UFSC, Brazil)

Dr. Jason Siegel (The University of West Indies, Barbados)

Dr. John Jairo Giraldo Ortiz (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia)

Dr. José Luis Rojas Díaz (Institución Universitaria Pascual Bravo, Colombia)

Dr. José Manuel Pazos-Bretaña (University of Granada, Spain)

MA. Joyce Cristina Souza (UFSC/PPG)

Dr. Kilim Nam (Kyungpook National University, South Korea)

Dr. Lídia Amelia Cardoso (Federal University of Ceará, Brazil)

Dr. Lorna Morris (Lexicographer, South Africa)

Dr. Maria Cristina Parreira da Silva (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Maria da Graça Krieger (CNPq 1B Researcher, Brazil)

Dr. Mariângela Araújo (USP, Brazil)

Dr. Marianne Rossi Stumpf (UFSC, Brazil) MA Martin Tapia Kwiecien (National University of Córdoba, Argentina)

Dr. Maurizio Babini (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Nelson Goettert (UFRGS, Brazil)

Dr. Odair Luiz Nadin da Silva (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Patricia Tuxi (UnB, Brazil)

Dr. Paula Tavares Pinto (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Regiani Aparecida Santos Zacarias (UNESP, Brazil)

Dr. Renato Rodrigues Pereira (UFMS, Brazil) Dr. Rogelio Nazar Pontificia (Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile)

Dr. Rosemeire Monteiro-Plantin (Federal University of Ceará, Brazil)

MA. Saulo Zulmar Vieira (UFSC, Brazil)

Dr. Stella Esther Ortweiler Tagnin (USP, Brazil)

Dr. Tanara Kuhn (University of Coimbra, Portugal)

MA. Victor Hugo Sepulveda (UFSC, Brazil)

Support Team (undergraduate and graduate students):

Ariane D. D. Ribeiro Caldas (UNILAGO, Brazil) -

Bruna Aparecida Oliva Ferreira dos Anjos (UFMS/CPTL) -

Emanoel Henrique Alves (UNESP/SJRP, Brazil)

Giovana de Castro Marchese Rampini - USP (Brazil) -

Giseli Aparecida Cecílio - (UNESP/SJRP, Brazil) -

Simone Marques dos Santos Ribeiro (UFMS/PPGEL/FAALC) -