XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America

XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America

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XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America

Virtual Encounters in Irish Studies in South America

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic alongside the political and social crises that have emerged as a consequence, the XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South Americaorganized by the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies in South America (ABEI) and the W.B. Yeats Chair of Irish Studies, intends to promote “virtual encounters” between scholars from many fields across the continent and the globe.

The history of nations has been marked by several traumatic events such as revolutions, lost wars, fall of empires, plagues, market collapses and their subsequent outcomes: unemployment, forced migrations, genocides, terrorism, famines among others.

The Symposium will coincide with the I Online Irish Film Series in Brazil, organized by the WB Yeats Chair in partnership with Spcine — the City of São Paulo’s film agency. The series will stream four Irish fictions between September 17th and 30th, covering a wide range of themes and genres. The highlight of the program is Frank Berry’s Irish Prison film, Michael Inside (2017), awarded Best Film in the Irish Film and Television Awards in 2018.

Thus, the XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America is an invitation for academics to connect in order to contemplate the ways in which global crises have shaped the arts, literature, and culture. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon the struggles the world has been facing against an invisible common enemy.

General Programme

XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America: Virtual Encounters in Irish Studies in

South America 2020


21 September


10h15-10h45 – Opening: Ambassador Séan Hoy, Consul-General Eoin Bennis, Mariana Bolfarine (UFR-ABEI), Laura Izarra (W.B. Yeats Chair of Irish Studies)

11h00-13h00 –Celebrating John Banville’s Universes: An interview with the writer and Launch of ABEI Journal Special Number

Chairs: Ambassador Séan Hoy, Consul-General Eoin Bennis, Laura Izarra, Hedwig Schwall (KU-Leuven), Nicholas Taylor-Collins (CMU)

14h00-15h00 - "Irish Writers in the New Normal Global Context: a science café proposal at UNLPam", Maria Graciela Eliggi, Enrique Alejandro Basabe and María Isabel Arriaga

Chair: Gisele Wolkoff

16h00-17h00 – Entrevista com Aurélio Michilles: Segredos do Putumayo/ Secrets of the Putumayo

Chairs: Laura Izarra (USP-W.B. Yeats Chair of Irish Studies) e Mariana Bolfarine (UFR-ABEI) [In Portuguese]


22 September

9h30-11h00 – “The renaissance of a neo-historical Irish novel written by women”, Marisol Morales-Ladrón (UAH) and “Significant voices in Irish dystopian narratives”, Juan F. Elices-Agudo (UAH)

Chairs: Maria do Rosário Casas Coelho (UBU) and Victor Augusto Pacheco (USP-ABEI) 


11h30-13h00 – Debate on Frank Berry's Michael Inside (2018)

Chairs: Natália Bouças do Lago (Unicamp-PAGU) and Cecília Adolpho Martins (USP-ABEI)


15h00-16h30 – Interview with Liz Gill: Goldfish Memory (2003)

Chairs: Noélia Borges (UFBA-ABEI), Alessandra Rigonato (ABEI) and Sanio Santos (UFBA)


23 September


11h00-12h30 – Interview with Siofra O’Donovan – Yours ‘Till Hell Freezes': A Memoir of Kevin Barry

ChairsEda Nagayama (ABEI) and Camila Franco Batista (USP-ABEI)


14h00-16h00 — Panel sessions

Panel 1 — Screening Ireland

Panel 2 — Reception and literary translation of Irish literature


17h00-18h30 – Interview with Maurice Fitzpatrick: In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America (2017)

Chairs: Ambassador Séan Hoy, Consul-General Eoin Bennis, Mariana Bolfarine (UFR-ABEI)


24 September


11:00-12:30 – Interview with Len Collin: Sanctuary (2016)

Chairs: Pedro Lopes (USP-NUMAS) and Thiago Moyano (USP-ABEI)

14h00-15h00 – Audrey Robitaillié: "Home crises: Changeling Tales in Irish Folklore" 

Chair: Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação (University of Cambridge)


16h00-17h30 (Horário de SP) – “New initiatives in Irish Studies in the Spanish-speaking world”: Justin Harman (AEIS), Paula Ortiz (USAL-AEIS), Viviana Keegan (USAL-AEIS), Verónica Repetti (USAL-AEIS), María Eugenia Cruset (USAL-AEIS), María Graciela Eliggi (UNLPam-AEIS)  

Chair: Elisa de Lima Abrantes (UFRRJ-ABEI)



25 September


10h00-11h00 – Interview with Mary O’Donnell by Luci Colin

Chair: Vítor Alevato Amaral (UFF-ABEI)


11h00-13h00 — Panel sessions

Panel 3 — Mass media, space and the pandemics in contemporary Ireland

Panel 4 — An overview of Irish writing

14h00-15h00 - Jackie O'Halloran Bernstein: "Eliza Lynch in Context" 

Chair: Caroline M. Eufrausino (ABEI)



15h30-17h00 – Interview with Alan Gilsenan: Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay (2013)

Chairs: Deputy Consul General Jill Henneberry, Caroline M. Eufrausino (ABEI), Marcio Miranda Perez (Curta Kinoforum) 

17h15 – Closing ceremony: Deputy Consul General Jill Hennebery, Rosalie Rahal Haddad (ABEI), Laura Izarra (USP-ABEI), Mariana Bolfarine (UFR-ABEI), Elisa de Lima Abrantes (UFRRJ-ABEI). https://youtu.be/cfE9hhMDXTk

Book of Abstracts 

I Mostra Online de Cinema Irlandês no Brasil

Panel Sessions

23 September

14h00-16h00 — PANEL 1: Screening Ireland

Chair: Cecília Adolpho Martins

Comedian's tales in death and beyond

Alessandra Rigonato

Framing Irish trauma narratives

Nayara Helou Chubaci Güércio

Shrooms (2007) by Paddy Breathnach and the horrifying effects of the Irish-American Bond

Sanio Santos da Silva

14h00-16h00 — PANEL 2: Reception and literary translations of Irish literature

Chair:  Gisele Wolkoff

The Legacy of the Caoineadh in Irish Literary Tradition

Marcel de Lima Santos

Joyce and Shakespeare: The Shakespearian Intertextuality in the Brazilian Translations of "Ulysses"

Pedro Luís Sala Vieira

25 September

11h00-13h00 — PANEL 3: Mass media, space, and the pandemics  in contemporary Ireland

Chair: Claudia Parra

Conflict mediation on the media: Brexit and the Irish border

Clara Mendes

Poetry and Pandemy: an Irish response study-case

Marina Bertani Gazola, Gisele Giandoni Wolkoff

The constitution of space in Prague Pictures: Portraits of a City, by John Banville (work in progress)

Solange Viaro Padilha

Sylvia, from Shakefears & Coy: Sylvia Beach in James Joyce’s occasional verse

Vitor Alevato do Amaral

11h00-13h00 — PANEL 4: An overview of Irish writing

Chair: Camila Franco Batista

Mary Makebelieve and Irish Independence: A New Look at James Stephen's "The Charwoman's Daughter"

Bruce Stewart

In Their Prime: Dislocated Ageing and Gender Concepts in Mary O'Donnell's short stories Jessica Grant Craveiro A brief green history of detective novel: notes on Irish crime writing from past to present Valéria Medeiros

Paranoid writing: episodes of everyday Irish racism in Melatu-Uche Okorie’s “Under the Awning” Victor Augusto da Cruz Pacheco


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Payment Instructions


To register for the symposium, please choose one of the options below:

  • Paypal (credit card)

  • Delegates presenting papers (150,00 BRL)

  • Attendees with certificate (50,00 BRL)

  • PayPall option is available only through the ABEI website:


  • Bank deposit (for Brazilian delegates only)

  • Delegates presenting papers (150,00 BRL)

  • Attendees with certificate (50,00 BRL)

CPNJ/MF n. 61.368.742/0001-69

Banco Santander

Bank Branch: 0658

Current Account: 13.006.744-6

Please send receipts to tesouraria.abei@gmail.com




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Comissão Organizadora

Organizing Committee

Dra. Mariana Bolfarine (Presidente da ABEI/UFR) e Dra. Laura Izarra (Coordenadora da Cátedra de Estudos Irlandeses W.B. Yeats e membro consultivo da ABEI/USP)

Profa. MSc. Camila Franco Batista (Diretora da ABEI/PG-USP)

Dra. Caroline Moreira Eufransino (Diretora da ABEI)

MSc. Thiago Moyano (ABEI/USP)

MSc. Victor Augusto Pacheco (ABEI/USP)

Academic Committe

Dra. Adriana Carvalho Capuchinho (ABEI/UFT)

 Dra. Andrea Martins Lameirão Mateus (ABEI/UFT)

MSc. Cecília Adolpho Martins (ABEI/USP)

Dra. Claudia Parra (FATEC)

Dra. Gisele G. Wolkoff (UFF)

Msc. Maria do Rosario Casas Coelho (ABEI/UBU)

Dra. Maria Rita Drumond Viana (UFSC)

Dra. Noélia Borges (UFBA)

Dra. Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação (University of Cambridge)

ABEI Committee

Profa. Dra. Munira Hamud Mutran (Presidente Honorária da ABEI)

Profa. Dra. Rosalie Rahal Haddad (membro Consultivo da ABEI)

Profa. Dra. Elisa Lima Abrantes (Vice-presidente da ABEI/UFRRJ)

Dra. Alessandra Cristina Rigonato (Diretora da ABEI)

Profa. Dra. Luci Colin (Diretora da ABEI/UFPR)

Prof. Dr. Vítor Alevato do Amaral (Diretora da ABEI/UFF)

Local Committee

Deborah Vitoria Almeida Quadros (UFR)

Eduarda Dorne Hepp (UFR)

Esther Gazolla (ABEI/USP)

Gariela Theis Salomão (UFR)

Jessica Grant (ABEI/USP)



Instructions to access the Programme

Dear participants and attendees, the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies is thrilled to have you in the XV Symposium of Irish Studies in South America: Virtual Encounters between September 21st and 25th. 

All the panels, interviews, and academic activities will be streamed at ABEI’s YouTube Channel.

Please subscribe to our channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvpyI3DT7zkMy4RaKJGh2wA to follow our program, be notified and updated over the course of our event. 

Kind Regards,